So The Journey Begins…

So here we are, jumping on the proverbial train to pinching a few pennies! YES! I’m so excited to have you aboard! I have to admit to you first, that this is a journey we will be taking together, I have not mastered this all elusive art of being a savvy super saving hero. I’m still learning myself, but can see a pretty giant light right at the end of the tunnel and it’s SO CLOSE! I started couponing about a month ago….and that’s where it began…


I heard about all the coupon craze going on, “Mom buys 500 dollars in groceries for 8 bucks!” Whhaaattt?! I want to learn how to do that! HA! Saving that kind of money is no easy feat! (Speaking of feet I need to paint my toenails!) I started with research, lots of research, let me tell you when I decide to do something, everyone better get out of my way, or so my husband says. I think I grew a beard as long as I sat in front of the computer watching YouTube videos, learning the coupon world lingo, finding coupons, learning how to use those coupons to get my “Rock Bottom Price” which we will start covering in the days to come. I sat in front of the computer till the wee hours of the morning for nearly a week. Then I started my binder, which is overflowing already! All in preparation for my first big shop, I was so anxious to get started, and so nervous it wouldn’t work. I remember the first day I did my shop scared the pants off me, I took on three different stores in one day and spent 6 hours shopping just for my coupon deals, 6 hours later I came home with a good amount of product and was addicted the moment I lined up my items and saw how much I saved, even better I spent about 30 dollars and had about 3 months of personal care products lined up on the counter, I saved over a 100 dollars that day.

My skeptical sister who didn’t understand the concept doubted my win, but when I took her on a stop to pick up a couple clearance items that were marked down 70 percent with a coupon, and got the 8.00 items for a max total of only 99 cents, she started seeing things in a different light. My brother says “Hey, you should totally start a coupon class!” I thought, wow, that would be fun, but one step at a time. Before I start teaching the neighborhood,I thought you guys should get first dibs!

This blog isn’t just about couponing though, there are tons of ways to save money, and the couponing was just the tip of the iceberg for me. Seeing what I can save shopping made me think of all the other ways I can save my family money… and I want to bring you guys along!


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