More blogging than shopping!

In the last 24 hours I’ve been getting this page up and running and getting ready to make it a real domain! That’s right folks, were doing it big! Hopefully you guys are excited as I am to get this ball rolling. It’s 5:30AM and instead of sleeping, I’m blogging! Gotta get that content in!

Pretty soon it’ll be making lunches, and shuffling little monsters to the school bus stop and then just like anyone else, clean, pay bills and then comes my fun, off to Wags ( Walgreens) to do a little coupon crunching…if I dont’ drop from exhaustion first that is. I am dedicated to making this a full time thing and hopefully you guys will be following me closely on this, cause I don’t have a blog without my bloggets! If you followed me before this isn’t my first blog, and after a few flops. I think writing and sharing something I’m super passionate about is going to be what really makes the difference. I highly encourage you guys to comment and share your thoughts and opinions with me and my readers, cause I need all of you, each and everyone of you! So now, off to make another pot of coffee and start my morning routine. Till next time, Happy Shopping!


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