Scott Toilet Paper 10/9-10/12


Scott Extra Soft 16 rolls toilet paper

Final Price: 3.99

till Saturday, use 1 Walgreens store coupon $2 off 1  (found in October savings booklet in store-ask cashier if you don’t see any out by the weekly flyers) and 1 $1 off 1 in the last weeks  Smartsource (Sunday paper) (aslo 9/22 Smartsource ).

(NOTE: you can only use as many coupons as items purchasing. If you have two coupons, and only one pack of toilet paper, it wont let you use both coupons. So you have to add something small and cheap like a piece of candy from the counter for 10 cents.  Then you will have two items and two coupons. Happy Shopping! Did you get this? How did your shop go? Comment below.

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