The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly!

Be prepared, Not every customer or cashier is going to be your best friend. People are going to get mad because you’re taking to long at the register, because their jealous, because they think what you’re doing isn’t morally right, which by the way, never listen to that, the stores are fully reimbursed by manufacturers as long as you are legally using the coupons the way intended to be used, whatever you do….Don’t photocopy your coupons! It’s illegal! That’s the ugly.
The bad is the time you are going to put into research, clipping and organizing, even planning your shopping trips, it’s effort. If it was So easy a caveman could do it…. everyone would be on this bandwagon by now. It does take a little dedication and some simple math skills along with a desire to save your family money to do other things you enjoy or tuck it away for a family vacation.
The good, is the rush you get watching your total go from 180.00 or more to pennies on the dollar using coupons, the money left in your wallet after getting months of personal care products and groceries for your family, and you didn’t have to go broke doing it. The community you find when people want to join you in the coupon world, the curiosity from other shoppers wanting to know how you do it! There’s no better feeling than knowing my family won’t have to want for things that everyone needs, and in the process it’s almost as if the store paid me in some cases to go shopping and get their products. Free and cheap quality products are always FUN!


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