Where I get coupons!

I find about 80 percent of my coupons are printable, nearly every store accepts them in either black and white, or color, so at home on your computer is a great resource. Most every site allows you a limit of two coupons per computer, and better yet, in the next few coming weeks I’ll have the Coupons page up and running and you’ll be able to  get hundreds of coupons without leaving my page powered by Coupons.com. There are lots of other resources for finding coupons. I know a lot of people hit up the local recycling bins behind stores looking for inserts that have been carelessly thrown away! C’mon people, that’s money!  Local hotel chains may even save all their Sunday papers to give to you instead of paying for a paper removal service that some states require now. You have to get creative! I look on top of my communities mailboxes and a couple times people have thrown their inserts up there not wanting them, guess what, I DO! Another way to get your hands on high value coupons is your friends and family who claim they are just too busy or too cool to coupon…psh, if they only knew what they were missing! However, they are usually more than happy to give you their coupon inserts.
Where else better to find some coupons than the grocery store itself! Look in weekly ads, near the customer service counter there are sometimes stands with pamphlets or monthly savings books like Walgreens. They will often be at the sample food kiosks in a store promoting that item, stuck on shelves ( we call those blinkies) and even stuck on products ( a.k.a. peelies). Have you ever gotten a box of cereal, or laundry detergent that had coupons on the inside of the box? I promise you have if you haven’t noticed before, start paying attention. A lot of the food you already buy probably has coupons inside the packages themselves and sometimes, they don’t even announce it.
Last but not least one other place I get coupons is from manufacturers websites. Register with your favorite brands like Kelloggs, Gain, Dawn, Cascade, Pantene, etc. to get exclusive rewards and coupons sent to your inbox or mailbox. I even get free samples this way too!  Any places not mentioned here in this article are more than appreciated, let us know where you get yours!?


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